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pdf  Call for applicants a.y. 2020-21 Italian version


pdfCall for Applicants Harvey Medicine 2020-21 English version 

INTAKE 2021-22 will start in April 2021 with the pre enrolment procedure (just for non-EU) and in July 2021 for the online registrations to the admission test IMAT 2021.

There are each year 110 places available for the medical course in English, of which 70 for EU applicants and 40 for non-EU candidates – each category (EU vs non-EU) follows a different application procedure:



EU students just need to register and sit the entrance test IMAT on Universitaly -section Accesso Programmato IMAT each year around July.

IMAT test date released each year within February -March.

More infos about IMAT: click here


extra eu

The pre-enrollment (called in Italian “preiscrizione”) is a preliminary, mandatory and fundamental procedure that only extra-EU candidates must perform.

If you have double citizenship, your European or Italian passport prevails for the application to the Harvey Course.

  1. Pre-enrolment procedure (Go to Pre-enrollment webpage)

The pre-enrollment procedure must be completed at the competent diplomatic-consular mission and it is not complete with the sending of the pre-enrollment application only.

This procedure is always carried out by the Italian Diplomatic Representation in the applicant’s country of residence.

An important step for non-EU students residing abroad is to contact the Italian embassy and submit a pre-enrollment application to the University of Pavia directly to the Italian embassy or consulate.

The deadline for pre-enrolment is usually the end of July

Contact the closest Italian consulate or call them directly to ask for the papers requested for pre-enrollment for English medicine courses in Italian universities (not IMAT enrollment yet!) in order to obtain a Dichiarazione di Valore (a document confirming that your graduation diploma is sufficient and compatible to study medicine in an Italian university).

Translate the documents they need, with their trusted translators, as they will indicate. Then, translate the needed documents as they will indicate.

When doing the pre-enrollment, ask also which documents should you prepare and translate for your student visa after taking the IMAT.

For more information about studying in Italy please consult


  1. Check if you need Visa

Extra Eu candidates must find out whether they need to apply for a study visa (type D) at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence, and what documentation you need, following this link.

As established by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR), the pre-enrollment for VISA request for the intake 2020-21 must be submitted online through the platform UNIVERSITALY by January 31 2021. Consult the guidelines here


Candidates who possess a High School Diploma or equivalent foreign qualification may be admitted to the Degree in Medicine and Surgery by taking the admission test IMAT

The number of students admitted is the following:

70 EU students

40 non-EU students

for a total of 110 places each year

as provided for under Italian legislation governing admission to university courses (Statute 264, August 2, 1999) and is decided bearing in mind national planning, availability of teaching staff, teaching and hospital facilities, the recommendations of the European Union’s Advisory Committee on Medical Training as well as criteria and guidelines laid down by the University and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in question.

Admission is also dependent on the results of the entrance exam, as established by the ranking emerging from the entrance exam.

The entrance exam is a national test drawn up by MIUR, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and implemented on the same day in the individual Italian State Universities.



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