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How to enter Italy – for international students last updated Oct. 26

Pre arrival useful infos + infos on app to book your seat for classes

All the news and measures taken by our university against the spreading of he Covid-19 are available at this link (bilingual page)

Are classes online or on premises?

Until further notice, all classes are held online from October 27th 2020.

Can I transfer to this medical course? When and how?

Every year we accept online applications for transfer in the month of November.

The request is online only.

Of course you need to check if places are available for the year of interest from year 2 to year 6. The list of available transfer places is issued each year around July.


There is a fee to pay for the pre evaluation (60,00 EUR).

If you come from a medical course taught in English you will not need to retake the admission test.

If you come from a different academic background you must sit the entrance test IMAT first.

Successful transfer applicants always begin their studies in January of the first semester.

More details about the procedure and the required documents here:

What if I do not manage to pass IMAT?

You can enrol in one of these programmes at our university (*taught in Italian with some exams held in English) and next year retry IMAT and if enrolled ask to validate the compatible courses you took –

Do I need pre-enrolment? What is it?

If you come from a non-EU country the pre-enrolment is mandatory as you will need a visa to enter Italy if you pass the admission test.

You can start registering online for the pre-enrolment at from spring 2021 for the academic year 2021-22.

You will also need to contact the Italian Embassy in your home country to complete this procedure.

More details at

When do I enrol if I pass IMAT?


If you pass IMAT and your name is on the ranking list among applicants eligible to enrol you will have 4 days to enrol and pay the first tuition fee (156,00 EUR), thus confirming your enrolment. 

How is it like to study in Italy?

To have further information about your study stay in Italy and find out useful information about studying in an Italian university, please peruse

I am an international student: what do I do?

If you are a student from an extra-EU country please consult this guide to know the very first steps to settle in Pavia: International Welcome Guide

Is the Master’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery Accredited?

The Master’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery is accredited in EU countries as well as in some US countries; for the time being, we are currently working towards accreditation in the California state.

For further information about the MDs accreditation and procedures for degree titles recognition please peruse:

Are there scholarships? 

The University considers the student’s socio-economic status in setting the tuition fee. However, scholarships and work are available to all students, regardless of nationality. Some colleges will also account for family income when setting fees. For more information, contact the EDiSU office or search the colleges.

Is Pavia expensive?

No, not compared to other cities that also offer the opportunity to study medicine in English, like Milan or Rome. Living expenses can be around 600€ per month including housing. Learn more about subsidized housing and meals with the EDiSU office.

How much does tutition cost?

There is not exact figure, but the average student pays around 1200€ for annual tuition. The fees can be subsidized and depend on the student’s socio-economic status. Tuition shall be paid in two parts. At the beginning of the academic year, all students pay the “fixed fee” that is the same for everyone. The second part will be paid after the university determines the “variable fee” for each individual student. The amount will be decided by analyzing the student’s family income and holdings. Failure to submit financial documents will result in the maximum variable fee.

Calculate your projected variable fee.


What level of English is required?

Applicants are expected to already have mastered a good level of written and spoken English (IELTS grade 6.5 or equivalent). The admission process does not require any language certificates; however, we have found that candidates who are able to excel on the IMAT admissions test in the English language will naturally have the proficiency required.

Do I need to know Italian?

All studies will be in the English language; however, most of our students learn Italian by the 3rd year before hospital training because of interactions with Italian patients and staff, who frequently only speak Italian. Find out more about Italian classes for foreigners at the Language Center.

How do I pass the IMAT test?

Each year, the Ministry of Education (MUIR) will assign a minimum passing score for the IMAT admission test. To be considered for admission, your IMAT score must be higher than the passing limit.  Next, the MIUR and the University will publish the lists of candidate rankings. The rankings get updated as candidates accept or decline the invitation to join Harvey Medicine. Check the websites regularly for your test result and ranking updates.

To prepare for the IMAT with relevant books please read our dedicated page

Read about student experience with IMAT and more.

What are my chances of getting in?

We reserve 100 places for the incoming class. As for your chances, the probability of admission varies with candidate pool each year.

Do I have to take the IMAT in Italy?

No, not at all. There are test centers in major cities all over the world. Register with Universitaly  and check for upcoming test centers and dates.

What are the requirements to enroll in the IMAT admissions test?

A high-school diploma, or completion of at least 12 years of education. The student is required to show proof in the admission process. Foreign diplomas are required to be officially translated and verified by the consulate in order to be accepted.

What is a CFU?

University educational credits, or CFU, are a tool used to measure the quantity of learning required of a student in order to acquire knowledge and skills in the learning activities envisioned in the degree programme.

One credit (CFU) usually corresponds to 25 hours of work, including lessons, exercises, etc., as well as home study. For each academic year, students occupied in full-time education are required to complete an average quantity of work set at 60 credits, equal to 1500 hours.

CFUs are obtained by passing exams or other assessment tests.

The entire medical course spans over 6 years where a total of 360 CFU will be obtained.

How can exams from other degree courses be recognized?

The exam recognition process depends on the administration and professors for each module.

For more details please peruse






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