Tuition fees vary according to family income and country of origin.

For international students (from extra-EU countries) there is a flat rate to pay in 4 instalments (for more details consult the annual fees call below).

At the University of Pavia, tuition fees are composed of a fixed fee and a variable fee.
The variable fee is determined on an individual basis according to each student’s financial situation.

PLEASE NOTE that other expenses like textbooks, teaching material, accommodation rents etc. are not included in the annual university tuition fees.

For a financial forecast of how much you could spend, please browse the Fee calculator.

For detailed information about incomes produced abroad: List of documents for students with incomes produced abroad

pdfNEW Fees 2021-2022

*flat rates for non-EU tables from page 13


Flat rates for non-EU students are perusable at pages 13 to 16 of the call. Flat rates do not apply for students who requested Edisu benefits or with the tax office.

Detailed information and procedures about academic tuition fees can be found in the Unipv fees webpage.

How to pay: By credit card online (preferred method)










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