Free Movers

This section deals with individual mobility projects.

Anyone wanting to validate courses, summer schools, seminaries, internships abroad that are not included in the Erasmus Programme, must contact the Erasmus and International Relations Office of the Faculty of Medicine (

Some of the projects approved by the University of Pavia, just like Coimbra Group, “Fondo cooperazione e conoscenza”, VSLO, will be considered as ‘’free mover’’ activities as well.

Before the planned departure date, it is necessary to submit a request to the Teaching Council containing:

  • the form ‘’Authorization Request to the Teaching Council’’
  • your curriculum vitae
  • a letter of acceptance from the host Partner clearly indicating the period and the activity you will attend
  • Declaration of risk assumption
  • Safety Protocol of the Host partner (it is usually downloadable from the websites or you might ask the Responsible person you have contacted)

In case you wish to take exams as well, you need to download the two forms ‘’Request to the Teaching Council – authorization for exams’’ and the “Learning Agreement for International Exchanges”.

The draft version of the files should be sent to

In case you are leaving during the academic year and planning to validate some of the mandatory credits, or substituting a part of your traineeships with an experience abroad, it is necessary to contact the traineeship Coordinator, in order to organize the activity.

Chapter 1.8 of the “Traineeship Regulations” explains how the credits from traineeships abroad are quantified:

1.8. Erasmus students

Students placed in an Erasmus or similar programs approved by the University (such as the “Fondo Cooperazione e Conoscenza”) are exempted from the traineeship for a period proportional to the time spent abroad (4 credits for absences of three months, 8 credits for absences of a semester, 16 credits for absences of one year ).”

Additionally, as reported in Chapter 1.11 here:

“3 credits for absences of 2 months and 2 credits for absences of 1 month. Shorter periods won’t be considered.”

The Coordinator will organize the remaining rotations to be attended in Pavia.

In case the activity abroad does not correspond to any compulsory internships because of its content (for instance, research activities) or because of its period (for instance, between July and August, having already validated the internships of the current academic year), it is possible to request ‘extra credits’, officially called *‘CFUS in Excess’’. These credits will neither be part of the amount of 360 credits to be achieved within the 6 years, nor will be calculated for scholarships, but they can be uploaded-integrated in your online academic career.

Once the authorization is obtained, you can attend the selected mobility project.

At the end of the mobility period, once back, it is necessary to submit a request of validation (form ‘’Validation Request to the Teaching Council’’; form ’’Exams Validation Request to the Teaching Council’’ ), attaching the certificate of attendance released by the Host Institution.

Thus, the Teaching Council can validate the performed activity.

*“crediti di attività formative in sovrannumero’’ will be calculated as follows:1 CFU = 20/25 hours of practical activity (clinical rotation, research traineeship), 1 CFU = 8 hours of theoretical activity (seminars, lectures…).

Authorization request to the Teaching Council

Request to the Teaching Council

Learning Agreement

Validation request to the Teaching Council

Exams validation request to the Teaching Council

Declaration of Assumption of Risks for Outgoing Students

The same documents can be retrieved on Kiro in the dedicated section (Faculty of Medicine – folder Erasmus).






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