Harvey Timetables

IMAT 2021: 09 September 

Calendar Harvey 2020-21

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL LECTURES WILL BE HELD ONLINE ONLY FROM MARCH 8, 2021 UNTIL APRIL 16,2021 included  in the Lombardy region where Pavia is located.

FROM APRIL 19,2021,  Harvey students will be allowed to go to class on premises using this app, but please note that we will keep anyway the mixed teaching method for semester 2 as well:

New app Frequenzainpresenza-How to go to class guide

For the most updated version of the timetable, please check the online version (by simply clicking on the year of interest)!

Year 1 [timetable pre term 2020-21+ sem I + NEW sem II]

Year 2 [guide year 2 first semester 2020-21NEW GUIDE II sem. 2021]

Year 3 [timetable I semester 2020-21 + NEW sem II ] *clinical foundations practicals need to be confirmed at local hospitals!

Year 4 [timetable I semester 2020-2021 + NEW sem II]

Year 5 [timetable I semester 2020-21 + NEW Room location aula A Botta 2 building 2nd floor! sem II]

Year 6 [timetable I semester 2020-21 + sem II structure]


Extra information

Guidelines teaching activities 1st semester 2020-21 mixed teaching

Welcome first year 2020

NEW guide year 2 first semester 2020-21

Course Structure – general overview

Directions Harvey Hall year 1

Link to Zoom recording of welcome meeting Oct. 12 2020





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