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IMAT 2022 DATE: 13 September

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Registrations to sit IMAT 2021 will be available at from July 2022

The test will be written, not computer-based!

IMAT test useful information for Pavia test takers:

Students, EU and non-EU residing abroad, in order to enroll in the degree program must:

  1. Register to the test on Universitaly within July  2022,  and take the entry test in English; the same test is given at all the testing centres;
  2. Appear as “assigned” (“assegnato”) in the general ranking in relation to the number of places available at the university;

For all the information about the admission test and the enrollment procedure it is necessary to carefully read the ADMISSION NOTICE a.a. 2022-23





  • Ranking of European students and non European regularly residing in Italy
  • ASSIGNED candidates list
  • BOOKED candidates list
  • Ranking of Non European students
  • Non European candidates admitted for enrollment
  • Non European candidates of Pavia ranking list that expressed their wish to enrol

For further information or help, send an e-mail to the following address: 

Minimum requirements to sit IMAT:

12 years at least of pre-university education

+ only for UK and USA applicants: 3 A-Levels in Scientific Subjects OR 3 APs in scientific topics, respectively

What does IMAT stand for?

International Medical Admission Test; this admission test is required for every applicant wishing to study in an Italian university holding a medical course in English.

When is IMAT 2021 held?

The admission test  will be on September 2022

When and where do I have to register to sit the IMAT entrance test? How is the test delivered?

Registrations open from July 2022 at this link  selecting the section Accesso programmato IMAT 2021

You can select in priority order up to 13 Italian universities in which you’d like to study medicine in English.

You can take the test in Italy or in one of the other countries available. The test is absolutely the same in every testing centre.


These are the available testing centres:

  Azerbaijan- Baku

  Brasil – Sao Paulo

  Canada -Toronto

  China – Beijing

  Cyprus – Nicosia

  France – Paris

  Germany – Munich, Frankfurt

  Greece – Athens

  Hong Kong – Hong Kong

  India – New Delhi

  Israel – Tel Aviv

  Italy (Bari, Milan, Rome, Naples, Bologna, Turin, Pavia, Padua, Parma and Siena)

  Pakistan – Lahore

  Poland – Warsaw

  Saudi Arabia – Jeddah

  South Africa – Johannesburg

  Spain – Madrid

  Switzerland – Zurich

  Turkey – Istanbul, Ankara

  United Arab Emirates – Dubai

  United Kingdom – London

  United States of America – New York City

Source document

The test will be written and not computer-based.


How much do I have to pay for IMAT?

The cost to register for the exam is around EUR 130,00 and can be paid online at  to confirm your seat.

What is the structure of the exam?

The test is written, with the format of MCQ questions, for a total of 60 questions and 90 points as maximum score.

There are 5 possible answers, of which only one is correct.

Attention! Every wrong answer is counted as 0.4 point less, whereas every unanswered question counts zero; it is better to leave a query unanswered not to lose any points if you are not confident about the exact answer!

How much time do I have to complete the test?

100 minutes; if you are diagnosed with a learning disorder or a sever illness, you can produce a medical certificate to our dedicated SAISD office, and extra time will be allocated (30% more)

What is the min.score? 

20 points out of 90, but this score often is not enough to enter the programme!

Try to score as high as possible, since your score will be your entry ticket into the programme! In the past years, a good entering score was around 60-65 points out of 90, but please note that this is subject to change each year considering the difficulty of the test and the general preparation of the pool of candidates taking the test!

What are the topics covered by IMAT?

There are 12 questions dedicated to general knowledge and culture, 10 about logics, 18 concerning biology, 12 regarding chemistry and 8 dealing with mathematics and physics.

Here you can peruse the detailed list of topics for IMAT (updated 2020):

How do I prepare for IMAT, and when?

Our advice is to start ASAP, as the score obtained in the admission test will be your entry ticket for the medical course, and there is a lot of competition to enter our medical course. 

At this webpage section PREPARING FOR IMAT ADMISSION TEST, you can find out how to best prepare for IMAT, including perusing the past IMAT editions with answer keys from the website of Cambridge Assessment Testing Centre, the organization which prepares IMAT each year.

Another great way to prepare is consulting the website, founded by a former Harvey graduate, Alex.He has created this useful website in the past years to help applicants to prepare for IMAT and come to study medicine in Italy.

What is the most difficult part about IMAT?

From a survey launched by to all its applicants, the hardest part about IMAT was time management. You need time and concentration to fully read and understand each question, so it is crucial to practice in advance, perhaps with past editions and using a timer to keep track of time!

Here is a list of useful suggested preparation books to prepare IMAT exam, including the BMAT question papers, very similar to IMAT questions, or Alphatest – medicine in English:


IMAT TOPICS LIST updated 2020

IMAT test online simulator

For more detailed information about the format and downloadable samples of the IMAT test, please visit the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing website

For preparing for the IMAT test online for free, click here and/or consider an online registration to Khan Academy (free of charge).

NEW! Here you can also find all possible solutions to prepare as best as you can for the IMAT test (this website was created by a former Harvey student!):

Also, please consider the possibility of enrolling in a preparatory course for the IMAT entrance exam in Italy:

open-bookBooks to prepare for IMAT


Critical Thinking (Text Analysis) and Problem Solving:

Alpha Test Medicine in English IMAT

BMAT 400 Practice Questions

Critical Thinking Skills by Stella Cottrell 

Thinking Skills by Cambridge Editions

The Ultimate BMAT Guide 600 Practice Questions

600 UKCAT Practice Questions

Scientific Theory:

As-Level biology and A2-Level biology

Costanzo Physiology (Kindle edition also available)

Molecular Biology of the Cell

Human Molecular Genetics

Chemistry: Structure and Dynamics

Preparation for health sciences admission tests 2020 (in Italian only) organised by COR: click here

clover (1)Good luck!

When will I know the result of IMAT?

Usually after 30 days from the date of the test the results are out; you can check the score in the reserved area on








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