IMAT Admission Test

DATE IMAT TEST 2021: to be issued in Feb-March 2021

Registrations for IMAT 2021 will open in July 2021 at

In order to be admitted to the Harvey Course, candidates must sit a national test, the IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test). This test is organised at a national level by the MIUR-the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.

The date for the IMAT test is decided each year by the MIUR. For further information about enrolment in the IMAT test, make sure to check the Universitaly website or the dedicated UNIPV webpage.

In addition, to promote the internationalisation process in Italian universities, it is possible to take the IMAT test also in international venues all over the world:

Updates list IMAT 2020 test centres


  • Brasil
  • NEW! Canada
  • China
  • Cyprus
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • NEW! Hong-Kong
  • India
  • Italy (Bari, Milan, Rome, Naples, Bologna, Turin, Pavia, Padua, Siena)
  • Pakistan
  • Poland
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • NEW! Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America



For further information about enrollment and admission into the Harvey Medicine and Surgery Course, please make sure to constantly check this UniPV web page


Available places: 110 (70 EU + 40 extra-EU applicants)

Minimum passing score IMAT: 20 points

Allocated time: 100 minutes

*Students diagnosed with learning disabilities may be allocated more time (additional 30% time) by submitting a medical certificate in English or Italian to the dedicated university office SAISD

Maximum points: 90

The IMAT test is composed of 60 multiple-choice questions about the following topics:

-General knowledge 12 questions;

-Logical reasoning 10 questions;

-Biology 18 questions;

-Chemistry 12 questions;

-Physics and Mathematics 8 questions.



IMAT TOPICS LIST updated 2020

IMAT test online simulator

For more detailed information about the format and downloadable samples of the IMAT test, please visit the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing website

For preparing for the IMAT test online for free, click here and/or consider an online registration to Khan Academy (free of charge).

NEW! Here you can also find all possible solutions to prepare as best as you can for the IMAT test (this website was created by a former Harvey student!):

Also, please consider the possibility of enrolling in a preparatory course for the IMAT entrance exam in Italy:

open-bookBooks to prepare for IMAT


Critical Thinking (Text Analysis) and Problem Solving:

Alpha Test Medicine in English IMAT

BMAT 400 Practice Questions

Critical Thinking Skills by Stella Cottrell 

Thinking Skills by Cambridge Editions

The Ultimate BMAT Guide 600 Practice Questions

600 UKCAT Practice Questions

Scientific Theory:

As-Level biology and A2-Level biology

Costanzo Physiology (Kindle edition also available)

Molecular Biology of the Cell

Human Molecular Genetics

Chemistry: Structure and Dynamics

Preparation for health sciences admission tests 2020 (in Italian only) organised by COR: click here

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