Pavia is a multi-faceted city offering a wide range of jobs and opportunities, either in health, technology or research.

The University combines treatment and research in three leading hospitals:


hospital (4)The Policlinico San Matteo, built in the 15th century, recently added three new hospital wings, allowing for more than 500 new beds. Specialties address a wide range of medical conditions.

hospital (4)Fondazione S. Maugeri, originally founded in the 1960s as a centre for occupational medicine, later extended its reach to rehabilitation and internal medicine, oncology, and surgery.

hospital (4)The Neurological Institute C. Mondino has provided high standards of care, teaching, and research on diseases of the nervous system for over 100 years.


The University and other research institutes play a key role in advancing Pavia to be a leader in cutting-edge technology:


The national Hadrontherapy Center for Cancer Treatment (CNAO), the only such research centre in Italy combats cancer through proton and carbon ion beams.


The Laboratory of Applied Nuclear Energy (LENA) is an Interdepartmental Research Centre operating a nuclear reactor for research, training, and education activities.


gearsWith the Mind the Bridge Foundation, The University of Pavia supports collaboration among researchers, local institutes and private companies by funding new start-ups.


The University of Pavia’s long tradition of outstanding research is demonstrated by three of its faculty being awarded the Nobel Prize, notably Camillo Golgi, Giulio Natta and Carlo Rubbia. Alessandro Volta and Lazzaro Spallanzani were amongst the great scientists in Pavia. Notably, Leonardo da Vinci performed human dissections here during the early discovery of Anatomy.

Many clinical networks operate within Pavia’s abundant and diverse medical institutions.The University has created 28 research centres, 17 PhD programmes and 42 interdepartmental programmes that, in 2013, resulted in 7 international patents, from biology and physics to engineering.

Recently, the University launched Universitiamo: the first Italian crowdfunding university project platform.

plusVisit the COR orientation centre webpage to discover more about job offers provided by the University of Pavia, including summer jobs for students and to perform a traineeship or work experience abroad.





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