Instrumental Semeiotics

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Giorgio Baiocco Fabrizio Calliada

The main objective of the Instrumental Semeiotics module is to allow students to:

  1. Understand the basic differences between the various radiological technologies in respect to their application and effect on the patient in the investigation of normal and pathological anatomy and physiology.
  2. Understand the basic principles of the imaging representation of body structures.
  3. Be able to identify a diagnostic image as being a(n):
  4. X-ray
  5. Angiogram
  6. CT
  7. Radionuclide scan
  8. Ultrasound
  9. MRI
  10. Be able to explain the biological effects of diagnostically used radiations.
  11. Be able to explain the mechanism of biological effects of x-rays.
  12. Be able to describe radiation therapy to a lay person.



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