Living Molecules (LIM)

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The “Living molecules” course is designed to provide the future physician with the indispensable concepts of biochemistry, molecular biology and human genetics, pointing on their roles in modern medical science. The structure-function relationships of biological molecules, signalling pathways and metabolism are illustrated in the first part (Biochemistry), followed by the organization and diversity of cells, and the organization and evolution of the human genome (General Biology). The last part (Human Genetics) is dedicated to human genetics stressing the role of our genomic variants in health and disease. Through the knowledge of how molecules and cells work, the chemical processes that define them, and how they interact with one another, students will get an in-depth insight into how cells and tissues function in health and disease and how we can use that knowledge to understand  the basis of treatments for diseases. Thus, the course is crucial and will pave the way for a molecular approach to physiology, pathology and pharmacology courses.


General Biology

Molecular Biology

Human Genetics

Laboratory of Human Genetics

Molecular Genetics

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