Guides and Welcome meetings

In this page, you will find visual guides for the location of lecture halls, as well as introductory presentations given at the beginning of the academic year, useful general information about the University of Pavia, an international students’ guide conceived to help international students, easing them into the Italian academic system.

Also, academic information concerning the Harvey Course can be found in the dedicated promotional flyer and in the visual presentations, as well as useful information concerning the Italian language classes organised by the Linguistic Centre of the University of Pavia.

Finally, a brief note on the new psychological support service can be consulted at the bottom of this webpage.



Lecture Halls 

Harvey Hall

Aula A

Computer Hall

Aula Mosca

Flyers general information University of Pavia


General Presentation UniPV

Brochure UNIPV EN


To download more guides concerning the University of Pavia click here!

international-delivery-symbolInternational students’ guides


NEW! International Handbook 2019

Presentation Welcome Week: How to Survive Exams

International Students general info

International Students Guide

Study in Italy website

Permit of Stay information and contact

signpostOrientation 2021-22


Welcome first year 2021 video + presentation October 11

signpostOrientation 2020-21


Classes first semester

NEW Guidelines teaching activities 1st semester 2020-21

Welcome first year

Link to Zoom recording of welcome meeting Oct. 12 2020

Link to Zoom recording Biblioaccoglienza-Library services Nov. 24,2020

Directions Harvey Hall year 1

Guide semester 1 year 2


signpostOrientation 2019-20


Welcome first year

Directions Harvey Hall year 1

signpostOrientation 2018-2019


Welcome first year

Tutorial ESSE3 system 

Welcome back year 2 + II semester guide 2019

Welcome back year 3

signpostOrientation 2017-2018


Welcome 2017 first year

signpostOrientation 2016-2017


Welcome 2016 first year

Welcome back 2016 year 2

Welcome back 2016 year 3

Italian Classes


If you are interested in taking up Italian classes or in studying other languages, please consult the UniPV Linguistic Centre website.

Please peruse also the following page:

Academic information Harvey Course


Instructions to submit plans of study


NEW! Tutorial Esse3 2018-2019

Tutorial Esse3 2016

Tutorial Esse3 2017-2018

NEW Passage Rules

Promotional Flyers


NEW! HarveyCourse Flyer 2019

HarveyCourse Flyer 2016

HarveyCourse Flyer 2017

HarveyCourse Flyer 2018

A good orientation website, especially for international students, can be found at the following link:

In the medschool website, you will also be able to find posts written by former or current Harvey students.


Psychological Support  


If you are experiencing trouble adapting to a new lifestyle and a different culture, to cope with pressure from exams or suffering from distress, do not worry: you are not alone.

To fix an appointment write to (anonymity is granted) and leave your mobile number.

You will be recontacted and later a Zoom meeting will be fixed for you (max. duration per session: 50 minutes) with a counsellor.

This service is available in English as well.

This service is provided by the orientation centre COR (responsible: dr Paola Ferrari).


For more information about this new service, please read:

This useful initiative was suggested and strongly supported by the Harvey students members of the Harvey Med Soc.








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