Part-time student jobs

The University of Pavia offers the possibility to get a part-time job for its students – except first-year students.

The proposed activities take place inside the University offices and are aimed at improving the University services for students and prospective students.

Students get paid 7,75 euros per hour- they can choose to work within 50 and 150 hours max. per year (from January until December).

Students can apply reading the annual call for part-time students and may choose a project within the following activities:

Updated call for 2020-21 academic year collaborations

  • A. activities for information and orientation for prospective students
  • A1. support to enrolment procedures for applicants
  • B. support to students applying for international mobility programmes (exchange students)
  • C. assistance and support to disabled students
  • D. support in organising cultural events, scientific activities and sports events with the communication offices
  • E. support, filing and assistance in public libraries, musea and university archives, didactic offices, scientific poles and students’ services offices
  • F. collaboration and support activities for IT services, memorisation of data, online filing and registration of data

More infos on how to apply at this link












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