Please register here to obtain the pre-acceptance letter for the Italian Embassy in your home country!
The pre-enrollment is a preliminary, mandatory procedure that only extra-EU candidates must perform. Together with the online registration for the IMAT admission test, it is a crucial step to gain admittance into the Harvey Course. The deadline is usually end of July

2. Check if you need Visa

Extra Eu candidates must find out whether they need to apply for a study visa (type D) at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence, and what documentation you need, following this link.

As established by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR), the pre-enrollment for VISA request must be submitted online through the platform UNIVERSITALY. Consult the guidelines here


The pre-enrollment procedure must be completed at the competent diplomatic-consular mission and it is not complete with sending the pre-enrollment application  only.

Pre-arrival infos for international students

IMPORTANT: The deadline to submit the DOV – Dichiarazione di Valore is October in case of a successful application after the IMAT test.

The DOV can be obtained in the country of study.

For more information please contact the nearest Italian embassy in your country ASAP:

Contact the nearest Italian Embassy in your country of study

This crucial procedure for non-Eu applicants, called in Italian “preiscrizione”  involves the obtention of a  Dichiarazione di Valore, basically, a document confirming that your graduation diploma is sufficient and compatible to study medicine in an Italian university.

Note: pre-enrollment must be performed by non-EU applicants (if you are an EU candidate, please verify with your embassy that this step is not needed).

If you have double citizenship, your European or Italian passport prevails for the application to the Harvey Course.

What to do?

Please download and fill in the following form (Form A):  Form_A

Webpage from which to download more forms:

Contact the closest Italian consulate or call them directly to ask for the papers requested for pre-enrollment for English medicine courses in Italian universities (not IMAT registration yet!) in order to obtain a Dichiarazione di Valore. Translate the documents they need, with their trusted translators, as they will indicate. Then, translate the needed documents as they will indicate.

When doing the pre-enrollment, ask also which documents should you prepare and translate for your student visa after taking the IMAT.

For more information about studying in Italy please consult


You can also ask the Italian Embassy (not urgent):

– CODICE FISCALE, a personal tax code necessary to undertake most procedures (otherwise this can be done in Italy upon arrival) – more details at this link (section CODICE FISCALE)

– FISCAL DOCUMENTATION to pay university taxes based on your family income. The documentation must contain all information on the family economic situation (composition of the family, also indicating any family member with disabilities, incomes of all family members, square meters of properties, family holdings) and must be translated into Italian and legalised by the Italian diplomatic representation in your country.

For more information, please consult the related UniPV webpage:








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