Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

The AVA system (self-evaluation, periodic evaluation and accreditation) defines a new regulatory frame for universities, establishing procedures and activities to guarantee Quality assurance for the activated study courses.

Quality assurance is a method at the basis of every good university teaching programmes, and it concerns educational paths, focusing more and more on Research and Third Mission.

Efficiency, effectiveness and transparency requirements of public action must be met only by a series of actions to guide the different actors in acquiring the awareness of quality as a positive concept by introducing a constant self-evaluation and evaluation. These are crucial elements to build up a continuous improvement and to grant long-term sustainability in the organisation process of the university.

The University of Pavia implemented the rules set out in the new provisions by law 240-2010, and the Ministerial Decree 19/2012, as well as the recommendations and guidelines by ANVUR, without forgetting the ongoing critical and constructive reflection on the more general new system of self-evaluation, evaluation and accreditation of university’s study courses.

A crucial role in this process is played by the University Quality Council (Presidio di Qualità di Ateneo), which is organised as such to ensure all educational fields are equally represented.

Quality Assurance: Bodies


Medical Area


Professor  Andrea D’Armini – delegate for the Department of Clinical-Surgical, Diagnostic and Pediatric Sciences

Professor Mariapia Vairetti – delegate for the Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Therapeutics

Professor Anna Picchiecchio – delegate for the Department of Behaviour and Nervous System Sciences – Clinical courses

Professor Simona Villani – delegate for the Department of Public Health, Experimental and Forensic Medicine

Professor Lucia Stivala – delegate for the Department of Molecular Medicine

Ms Irene Ferri –coordinator of the medical area courses

Quality of teaching activities

Re-evaluation reports (Rapporti di Riesame), periodic re-evaluation reports (Rapporti di Riesame Ciclici) and the minutes of the Professors-Students Commission are available on the reserved area for each study course.








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