Rankings for IMAT now out!

Check your IMAT ranking at this link (non-EU candidates) from October 7, 2020!

What you have to do now

If you are on the list of students admitted to enrol (congratulations!) here are the steps that you need to follow:

Within the deadline communicated by the students’ secretary (matricole.facmedicina@unipv.it)  you need to enrol following the procedure:


Candidates who are allowed to enroll must proceed as follows, in strict accordance with the deadlines mentioned above:

1. Connect to the https://studentionline.unipv.it/Home.do website, access the Registration page and log-in by entering their User Name and Password;

select ENROLMENT and then the chosen course;

in this phase, students should attach:

a. A passport-sized photo showing a close-up of the candidate’s face;

b. A front and back copy of the personal ID document submitted during the registration phase;

c. A copy of the tax code card;

d. (only for students with non-Community citizenship) A Permit of Stay, for those already in possession of one;

Candidates must then proceed to STAMPA DOMANDA D’IMMATRICOLAZIONE (=PRINT ENROLMENT APPLICATION), which will provide the form needed to pay the first installment of the enrolment fee, except for special cases as outlined in the 2019-2020 payment notice https://web.unipv.it/formazione/tasse-carta-ateneo/, that must be paid according to instructions in the following paragraph

e. Students requesting advanced standing for a second degree, credit re-evaluation or recognition of a foreign degree should submit the special application available in the application form section (Modulistica) on the webpage of the Student Affair’s Office (https://web.unipv.it/formazione/modulistica/), along with a 16€ revenue stamp (marca da bollo).

ATTENTION: candidates who are ASSIGNED or BOOKED (ASSEGNATO or PRENOTATO) after already having enrolled for the 2020/21 academic year in the first year of another degree program at the University of Pavia must only present an official request for changing degree program (see t INTERNAL TRANSFER).

. Candidates with a foreign diploma shall deliver the original copy translated by a translator or by the Embassy, legalised by the Italian diplomatic representation in the country where the title was obtained and provided with a Declaration of Value or equivalent certificate (the Cimea certificate stating also the authenticity of the diploma) as well as a declaration stating the beginning of the procedure to legalise the title issued by the relevant Italian diplomatic representation in order to enrol in the single-cycle Master’s Degree.

It is also required to notify the obtained grade with respect to the maximum score, compared to the Italian grading system. Students with a title obtained in countries where a specific academic exam is required in order to enrol in local universities must also submit the certificate stating they are suitable to apply at an academic level.

The above-mentioned documents have to be submitted upon enrolment; in case of delay in providing duch documents by the Diplomatic representatives, the student will have to be regularly enrolled by 30 September 2021, the deadline to enrol into second year.

If by that deadline the documents are not yet been submitted, the student will be re-enrolled as first-year repeating student. Any changes or additions to the content of this admissions notice will be published on the webpage of the university dedicated to closed-enrolment – restricted access degree programs.

Newly enrolled students will receive a personal ‘welcome’ email which will include their official university email address which will be used as the sole means of communication between the University of Pavia and the student.

The student should activate the new email account as it is here that the new credentials for accessing Reserved Area will be sent.

Those already in possession of a University of Pavia email account will maintain it and their credentials for accessing the Reserved Area. Information on the Ateneo Card Pavia are available in this https://web.unipv.it/formazione/ateneocard/.


The first tuition fee shall be paid preferably by online payments (credit card or online bank transfer) via the system PagoPA, detailed instructions are available at this link: https://web.unipv.it/formazione/calcolare-le-tasse/pagopa/. Candidates residing abroad must exclusively pay by credit card by selecting the payment method PagoPA. In case applicants do not have a credit card, an alternative payment method may be agreed with the Students’ Secretary office by sending an e-mail to: matricole.facmedicina@unipv.it

If you are NOT on the list of students admitted to enrol: 

The student Admin. Office will check the number of places not assigned after the deadline of October 14, 2020, and a notice will be published on October 15, 2020 after 3 pm.

If there will be one or more place(s) to be assigned, the Student Admin. Office opens the enrolment procedure for candidates entitled to enrol in the ranking list over the 40th position from October 16, 2020 to October 21, 2020 by 12 p.m.

More information about the procedure will be published on https://web.unipv.it/formazione/iscriversi-a-unalaurea-triennale-o-magistrale-a-ciclo-unico/con-esaurimento-posti-o-con-numeri-chiusi/concorso-medicina-eng/.

Extra-EU candidates with a position in the ranking list not sufficient to enrol:

-may send a “booking request” to the email address matricole.facmedicina@unipv.it from October 16th until October 21st, 2020 at 12 p.m. expressing their wish to enrol in case of available places after the enrolment of the winning candidates in the ranking list.

-In case a place is available, candidates will be notified via email by the Students’ Secretary office.


In case other places shall still be available a notice will be published on October 22, winning candidates not enrolled in the ranking list of the medicine and surgery courses taught in English of other universities can send a reassignment request to matricole.facmedicina@unipv.it, from October 16th until October 21st, 2020, attaching a certification of the obtained score.

The available places will be assigned according to the decreasing order of the obtained score.


Here is a list of single courses you can register for, and that can be accredited for year courses for the medical course Harvey (the ones taught in English).

You can register for at least one single course (corso singolo) in Italian (without proof of knowledge of the language or certification) or English friendly that is relevant to the Harvey course, with the idea that next year you might try the test again and maybe even ask for a validation of the single course.
Please remember that the cost is 45€/credit + 100 € fixed fee for a maximum of 30 credits.Please note: In case you are interested in one or more single courses, you must fill in this form and send it back to the following email address admission@unipv.it
by Monday, October 19th




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