Rules and Regulations

The Harvey Course is subject to a specific regulation for the current academic year:

Notice: following the decision of the Academic Senate of 22 June 2020, students of past cohorts can make a request to modify what reported in art. 14 comma 1 of the following regulation. Students concluding their career according to the set rules pre dating DM n.8 of 2 April 2020 who did not attend TPV in their study course will be awarded an MD –Laurea Magistralis with the value of academic title only. Those students will then acquire the abilitation to practice medicine and surgery later by obtaining the evaluation of the traineeship as set by DM n.445 of 19 October 2001.


pdfLM41 Regolamento Harvey 2021-22 IT


pdfLM41 Regolamento Harvey 2021-22 EN



A separate regulation applies for vocational traineeships:


pdfTirocinio Regolamento IT


pdfTraineeship Regulation EN


pdfAttachment A Traineeships special indications


To consult Harvey Course regulations for the past academic years, please click here.






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