Transfer Students

Students coming from both foreign and Italian universities can ask for permission to transfer to the Harvey Medicine and Surgery Course.

Students enrolled in a community or extra-community university with a sufficient number of credits to enrol in a year subsequent to the first year of the programme are exempt from the admission test.

From the intake 2020-21, it is not possible to accept transfer applicants not enrolled in a university course.

Please note that admission for transfer students is also subject to the restricted access numerus clausus established by the university in its annual scheduling for each year of the course.

Please do note that availability of places is subject to change from one academic year to the next.


Applicants who submitted the transfer request CANNOT attend any Harvey Course clinical traineeships because of insurance issues and due to lack of official enrollment. Thus, transfer applicants will have to wait for the official ranking to be released at the end of January.

IMPORTANT: Extra-EU transfer students must also carry out within the set deadline (July 2020) the pre-enrollment procedure


For further information and to peruse the online application procedure for transfer please peruse the UniPV dedicated web page and the call

LIST AVAILABLE PLACES ACADEMIC YEAR 2020-21 -updated August 2020

Transfer applications are accepted online from November 2nd until November 30th before 12 pm 2020 at this link:

Once you registered, please select from the menu:

SEGRETERIA> TEST DI VALUTAZIONE > Concorso di prevalutazione della carriera accademica pregressa per ammissione ad anni successivi – Medicina e Chirurgia (lingua inglese);

Documents to upload online: 

  • Nulla osta form complete and signed indicating: name of study title obtained, academic curriculum, exams with marks obtained and date in which they were passed and the related credits/ECTs and scientific sectors SSD
  • copy of ID or other valid identification document
  • syllabus/programme for each exam to be validated
  • for international students: copy of academic career translated into Italian or English and legalised by competent diplomatic authorities, also including the programmes/syllabi for each exam requested to be validated
  • payment receipt (60,00 EUR fee)

Important note: please be sure to upload correctly the Nulla Osta form (mandatory document!) in the online procedure described here.


Also, please do consider that, for the previous academic career re-evaluation, the commission will take into account only passed exams which may be compatible with the exams present in the Harvey Course plans of study for the transfer year in question.

In addition, passages from 1st to 2nd year can only happen if the student has earned at least 42 credits.


According to the Harvey Course Regulation, transfers within the Harvey Course from one year to another are dependent on the number of credits earned by the student.

More specifically, the passage from year 1 to year 2 can happen if the student has earned a minimum of 42 CFU within a set deadline, usually in September, whereas post-first year admissions may be considered whether the student had passed all exams of the previous year.



Recognition of exams taken in other degree courses

Students who enrol in the first year of Medicine and Surgery (LM 41) who were already enrolled in a degree course in Biology, Pharmacy, CTF, Biotechnology, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering may make an application for previously passed exams to be recognised.

For further information about the validation of exams passed in previous academic careers please consult this webpage.
NB: exams taken outside the Faculty are not counted in the final average making up the degree mark.

Credits – what is a CFU

A University Credit (CFU) is the unit of measurement of work students are required to undertake. A CFU corresponds to 25 hours including hours of study, lectures, interactive teaching and practical training:
* 8 hours of lectures and 17 hours of study

* 12 hours of interactive teaching and 13 hours of study

* 20 hours of practical training








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