RiVaRIO Team Stefenia Grandi

Stefania Grandi

She graduated in Chemistry, obtained a PhD in Chemical Sciences and a Specialization in Materials Science and Technology and she is part of the Italian Chemists board. At the beginning of her career she worked on research and development of new multi-oxide based materials for optical and optoelectronic applications. Subsequently, she acted as consultant for the formulation of products for bituminous construction, for the ISO 9000 quality certification and in the field of Safety and Environment.

Since 1999 she deals with basic research in the field of materials at Pavia University (Department of Chemistry) through a multidisciplinary approach, with experience and direct use of many analytical equipment; in the fields of:
a) pure and doped glass materials for optics and optoelectronics, using sol-gel technology.
b) porous inorganic ceramic materials such as aerogels, also known as nano-foam
c) nano-structured polymeric and hybrid materials.
d) biocompatible and bioactive nano-materials for biomedical applications.

She is the founder of N.A.M. Nano Analysis & Materials, the Pavia University spin-off for the industrial development of the “EcoAerogel” project, a totally ecological aerogel derived from rice husk ash.